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Event Triggers and Event Listeners in Swift, Updated Swift 6.2

I recently updated my mini-library that adds Backbone.js style listeners and triggers to Swift. I improved the ability to pass information between triggers and listeners, and updated the syntax for Swift 6.2, using Xcode 6.3 beta 2. Using custom events is a pretty nifty way of organizing your Swift project.


Download it here: Swift Custom Events on GitHub


Here’s an example of how Swift Custom Events works:

Let’s create a cat class that can bug us while we’re coding:

class Cat {
    let events = EventManager();

    func meow() {
        println("Cat: MRaawwweeee");"meow", information: "The cat is hungry!");

And a human class to represent ourselves:

class Human {
    func adoptCat(cat:Cat) {
        // you can pass in an anonymous code block to the event listener"meow", action: {
            println("Human: Awww, what a cute kitty *pets cat*");

        // or you can pass a function reference"meow", action: self.dayDream);

        // Using the information from the trigger:
        // (notice the parameters for ponderCat)"meow", action: self.ponderCat);

    func dayDream() {
        println("Human daydreams about owning a dog");

    func ponderCat(information:Any?) {
        if let info = information as? String {
            println("Oooh, I think I know:");

Play out our little scene:

let zeus = Cat();
let stephen = Human();

 * Cat: MRaawwweeee
 * Human: Awww, what a cute kitty *pets cat*
 * Human daydreams about owning a dog
 * Oooh, I think I know:
 * The cat is hungry!

Try it out and let me know how it goes: Swift Custom Events on GitHub