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Game Development with Swift Released!

Late last night I received an email from my publisher: Game Development with Swift is officially published! It is so exciting to have my work out in the world, helping people learn a fun skill. I can’t wait for feedback and to see some of the games the readers create. If you are interested in SpriteKit, Swift, or any 2D game development on iPhone, iPad, and iOS in general, check it out!

Read the Amazon Game Development with Swift page

. . . or the Publisher Game Development with Swift page

  • Catholica

    A question, my son just turned 10 and has been programming in Scratch for a year. He was convinced by his KidsCodeCs magazine that he should learn Swift or Ruby as his first language. He loves the idea of Programming a game that will run on an IPhone. So I found your book!

    My question is that in the preview of your book on Amazon I see that you recommend knowing the basics of programming (classes, types, etc). If he hasn’t done Swift programming before but understands loops, logic, events, variables and in a way, function calls do you think he can start with this book? If not do you have a recommendation as to what book he might start with to prepare for diving in?


    • Stephen Haney

      Hi Catholica,

      Thanks for checking out the book and congrats on your awesome, smart son! I think Swift is a great first language – it will teach all the vital concepts that can transition to other languages.

      My book is pretty easy to approach but it isn’t made for beginners. It doesn’t pause to explain syntax (and there’s been some changes to Swift’s syntax since the book was published, which requires a little googling on the part of the reader). That said, I’ve received a lot of compliments about “ease of use”, and specifically for how the information is structured and presented.

      Sorry for the non-specific answer. It might be best to pair my book (more fun) with something that spends more time explaining language concepts (less fun). And I’m always available to help via e-mail if he gets stuck on anything.

      Happy coding!